The Barn Swallow (hirundo rustica) is a common non-breeding summer visitor to South Africa where they can gather in large numbers to roost in the evenings, smaller roosts may be as small as a few hundred birds whereas some of the larger roosts can number into the millions of birds.
 This site aims to cover the research in Kwazulu Natal, and also where possible other roost sites around the country.
My name is Andrew Pickles and I am what has been termed a CITIZEN SCIENTIST. I have been studying the Barn Swallow since 2001, and have ringed Barn Swallows at two of the largest Swallow roosts in Kwa-Zulu Natal, namely the Mt. Moreland roost near Durban and the Umzumbe roost on the South Coast. This site will cover my experiences and those of anyone else that would like to contribute anything to the site.
The ultimate aim is to be able to put information in the public domain that is written in a format that most people will be able to understand and as a result keep things on a fairly informal level.
All of the information as been recorded from personal observations and may differ with other peoples observations taken at other times.
In time as information becomes available I will include information on other hirundo species in Southern Africa.
All pictures remain the property of Andrew Pickles or whomever has given permission for their use on the site and any unauthorised use without prior written consent will be an infringement of copyright.
All effort has been made to prevent errors from creeping into the site however they may slip through, if you find any errors please do not hesitate to contact me at andrew@barbetbirding.co.za
My thanks as always go to Birdlife Port Natal for their kind assistance with rings for the swallows, also to SAFRING for their assistance in making data available, and finally to Birdlife South Africa for the great work being achieved.
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