Lanner Falcon

The Lanner Falcon along with its speedier cousin the Peregrine Falcon have both been recorded during the gathering of the Barn Swallows at the Umzumbe and Southport Roost’s. The Peregrine is seldom recorded

but may make an appearance where it is able to use speed to catch its evening meal.


The Lanner is definitely the more common of the 2 species and the Umzumbe Roost has a pair of these magnificent birds breeding close by. They are frequently seen late in the afternoon as the Barn Swallows start to gather, they do however leave early before the large numbers of Swallows appear. The swallows seem to take the old saying “safety in numbers” to heart, and the shear number of swallows gathering in the evening tends to confuse the raptors which frequently leave without catching a single bird, the smaller and more specialized raptors like the Hobby seem to have greater success.